The Fairmont Dollars for Scholars chapter was established in 1974. Lester Baumann, then superintendent of the Fairmont Schools, along with other community members, was instrumental in establishing the chapter. The headquarters for the parent organization, Citizen Scholarship Foundation of America (CSFA), was in Massachusetts. In the late 1970s, CSFA moved all operations to St. Peter, Minn., which today is still the home base for what is now known as Scholarship America. The Fairmont Dollars for Scholars chapter is one of the largest chapters in Minnesota. There are 465 chapters nationally.


Listed below are names of past and current presidents of the Fairmont Dollars for Scholars chapter: 

Les Bauman                            1974-75

Elton Kuderer                         1975-76

Cap Hegdal                              1976-77

Patricia Grimm                        1977-78

Dick VanderWaerdt                 1978-79

John Teeslink                          1979-80

Lois Jentz                                1980-81

Vance Scott                             1981-82

Kim Schroeder                         1982-83

Robert Hetzler                         1983-84

Roy Cade                                  1984-88

Don Oberg                                1988-91

Harlan Gorath                           1991-94

Cap Hegdal                               1994-95

Don Oberg                                1995-97

Lois Jentz                                 1997-2000

Larry Maday                               2000-01

Sherwood Sagedahl                   2001-2011

Loren Dunham                           2011-2019

Mary Granheim                           2019-2021

Joann Woodward                        2021-present